3 FREE eBooks For Learning & Development Leaders

Starting out fresh with something can often feel like a daunting task. Not so much because of what you know you don’t know; it’s the unknown unknowns that give us pause and feelings of overwhelm. When we’re blindsided by something we had no idea was coming it makes us want to quit more than when we’re challenged by something we knew was there. And how do we keep this from happening? Information! So, here’s some of the best Instructional design information I have sourced from the internets. Click on the bolded text to download a PDF version. And of course, you’re welcome…

51QCD9FiYlL._SX353_BO1,204,203,200_1. The Systematic Design of Instruction

This is the classic text on instructional design and a great place for us to start. This book covers all of the fundamentals and then some. Within these digital pages are the steps and concepts necessary to develop, monitor, evaluate and analyze instruction. This is definitely a desk reference that you want to have in your library and something I refer to often.

2.3961370 Emotional Intelligence Coaching

For most folks emotions and habits dictate behavior. What if you could harness the power of these two and use it to motivate yourself and your team to new levels of performance. This is where Emotional Intelligence Coaching takes shape. It gives you some practical coaching methods to help you and your team crush it on your next big project.


51iib6umOZL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_3. Knowledge Management and E-Learning

The synergistic relationship between knowledge management and eLearning is developed in this book through rigorous inspection into the methodology of eLearning.¬†This collection of international case studies gives us a detailed view into the world’s growing demand for digital training.


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