Adult Learning Theory — briankaustin

While I’m not a big fan of the word “andragogy,” and I cringe when I hear folks in and out of the L&D world talk about how they’re qualified as learning professionals because they understand “adult learning theory,” there is obviously important application of the concept. Semantic satiation aside. So after my boss shared this […]…

How to Create Storyboards and Script Writing

The value of the storyboard is that it allows you to communicate your entire project to a team of professionals. For those, like myself, moving from a role of working by myself end-to-end to working on a team, a storyboard becomes an essential element. Here’s a completely comprehensive training on storyboarding and script writing from; it’s a great site for templates, characters, and professional development.

Finding Clients

So you want to be a freelancer instructional designer but don’t know where to start with  getting clients? This helpful YouTube video gives some excellent resources to get income rolling in and recruiters pinging your email inbox.

100 Websites That Every Educator Should Be Using

Here it is again, another one of those lists that will give you an enticing excuse to ignore your real work and get lost in the possibilities. There’s plenty of options here that can be used as a tool to help build your next corporate education program. Building an infographic or eLearning module? has…